About Us

Hi - We're Ben and Lucas. We met in Chicago in 2012 and have been inseparable ever since. 

We currently live and work in New York City and have an intense shared passion for travel. When we plan our trips, we do hours of research, survey everyone we know who has been there before, and assemble a hit list of the best hotels, restaurants, bars, and sights. When we return from a trip, our friends ask for our itinerary and say, “I need to do this,” “I'm coming with you next time,” or “please adopt me." All this positive travel feedback has eventually led us here. 

We Travel For is a collection of our recommendations and tips, based on our experiences and adventures, with photos to hopefully inspire your next trip. Our aim is to create an easy-to-reference travel resource for like-minded people who want to vacation (really) well and create unforgettable memories, while still living within the realistic confines of paid time off. 

We travel for worldly perspectives and eye-opening experiences that take us off the Manhattan grid into winding vineyards and undiscovered beaches. We travel for the sunrises and the sunsets that make us appreciate the now. We travel for the meals and the drinks that just taste better abroad. We travel for the bonds, between existing and new-found friends. We travel for the unexpected and meaningful moments that we create together.

Life is short. What do you travel for?

-Ben & Lucas